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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs has been posting newsletters for several years. Do you want to refer to a previous newsletter? Or did you just find out about this source of information, and want to see what the newsletters are all about? The newsletters are posted in reverse chronological order. Check them out!

November/December 2013

November/December 2013 Customer Appreciation Night! Please join us for an evening of goodies, door prizes & sales!   Wednesday, December 4, 2013 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Come for Brenda’s doggie holiday cake  & Joanne’s people Gingerbread treats! Enter to Win We continue the tradition of raffling off gift baskets to raise money for D’Arcy’s …read more


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Fall 2013 Newsletter

Fall 2013 I won't be buying what you're trying to sell! Galen Weston* has been on my mind lately.  Galen is heading a new media campaign to get you to buy your pet’s food at his store and not at mine.  He’s hanging his campaign on how much you spend on your pet’s food and …read more


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Summer 2013

Dehydrated Pet Food Going on a road trip or going to the cottage, dehydrated pet foods are the perfect travel food!   Dehydration is the process of removing water from a food so that the enzymes present in that food are suspended or inactivated until the food is rehydrated. High heat processes used in making …read more


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Spring 2013

11th Anniversary Sale at It's Raining Cats and Dogs! Come help us celebrate 11 years of providing you and your pet with healthy natural options. May 30th to June 6th, 2013 Mark this week in your calendar. Up to 70% off selected items! Details of sale items will be posted on our Facebook page Is there …read more


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February 2013 Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day from our homes to yours! In this issue of Bites and Barks, we’re going to look at some of the questions we’ve been asked recently about supplementing your pet’s diet as well as some of the exciting new products we are carrying at the store.    Is Garlic bad for my pet? …read more


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November/December 2012 Newsletter

As we move toward the end of this year, we want to once again thank you for your business and your support.  We’d love it if you could attend our second annual “Customer Appreciation” night so we can properly wish health and happiness to you and your four-legged companion in 2013!   Join us for an …read more


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Fall 2012 Newsletter

There’s lots of great news and some interesting new products as we go “back to nutrition basics” this fall!  First off, we are extending our store front hours!  We are now open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.  We hope that this will meet your need for an extended shopping time.  If not, …read more


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Summer 2012 Newsletter

It’s our 10th anniversary! June 2012 marks ten years since It’s Raining Cats and Dogs opened on Academy Road.  It astonishes me that a whole decade has passed since Jamie and I (and at the time, Quincy) greeted our first customer.  We have seen and heard so many nutritional miracles, welcomed new four-legged customers and …read more


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April/May 2012 Newsletter

Spring is here!  In this issue, we will talk about  prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes, Giardia, quack grass and the 2011 Veterinary Vaccination Guidelines.   If there’s any topic you’d like to get more information on, please let us know and we’d be happy to dig up the dirt!   Dog grass:  it’s all it’s quacked up …read more


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February/March 2012 Newsletter

  So what’s going on inside your pet’s mouth?     Dental decay or cavities are not typically a problem for cats and dogs.  However, a build up of plaque that turns into hardened tartar does present health risks.  Plaque buildup results in an increase of bacteria at the gums.  The danger with a significant …read more


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