Carnivora now offers… SteelHead Trout!

Here is some information provided to us from Carnivora

Retails for $22.55 for a 4lb bag!


Fresh Water Steelhead is a member of the salmon family. This
light-tasting fish is a very healthy choice and a great addition to
feeding variety in your pet’s diet! It contains approximately six
grams of omega-3 fatty acids per 8oz patty. Omega-3 fatty acids
help protect against disease and arthritis.
It’s true! Our Steelhead are farmed but they are raised in clear,
cool lakes fed by the pristine waters of the Rocky Mountains. This
superior environment produces healthy fish! On average less than
0.02% of feed fed to the Steelhead contains any form of
therapuetants so it’s safe to feed your dog or cat. Both the fish and
their environment are monitored regularly during the production
process to ensure they meet strict quality standards. These
measures are part of the commitment to providing a nutritious
product in an environmentally responsible manner.
Carnivora is pleased to offer our Fresh Water Steelhead from
a HACCP approved processing facility that is qualifed QMP
(Quality Management Plan) to ensure the product is handled and
packaged to specifications that meet and exceed the Canadian
Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) stringent guidelines for quality
and safety.
Fresh Water Steelhead
introducing something NEW!

2 thoughts on “Carnivora now offers… SteelHead Trout!

  1. Jenn

    Hi there If you could provide me with some information on your products an prices
    I am looking at getting a Maine Coon and would require to feed him a raw diet, I am not too familiar with raw diets for cats so was wondering if there are different brands, dry or wet foods, and what the costs are of each.
    Jenn A


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