Acana Classics have arrived!

We have added to our line of Acana products with something “Classic” 😏 #AcanaClassics come with the same top quality you have come to expect from Champion petfood!Acana Classics 50% meat inclusion, a 1/3 of which comes from fresh or raw! 29% of protein comes from meat and is free of glutens, GMO ingredients and plant concentrates such as pea or potato protein.
Carbohydrates limited, with the use of steel-cut oats, promote stable blood sugar levels with slow-release energy.
With only 5-6 supplements, Acana’s rich meat and WholePrey inclusions supply nutrients naturally, reducing the need for synthetic supplements!
4 sizes and 2 recipes available:
Classic Red and Prairie Poultry
2kg- $16.99-$17.99
6kg- $30.99-$33.99
11.4kg- $49.99-$55.99
17kg- $70.00-$79.99

Great price too! 🇨🇦

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